Who we Are

Quality Guaranteed Since 1978

"Quality guaranteed since 1978" - these words underline the legacy of Maya Appliances Pvt Ltd (MAL), a company that has captured the imagination of homemakers in millions of kitchens worldwide for over four decades. With unmatched quality and state-of-the art innovations, trust and support of dealers and distributors, MAL has created a history celebrated by awards and accolades.

MAL’s approach towards achieving excellence in everything it does is guided by the words “You Inspire, We Innovate”. Every product that is designed by us is the result of careful understanding of our consumer’s needs and a meticulous consumer-based product development process.

We at Vidiem, the flagship brand of MAL, ensure that every product that rolls off our production lines is safe, reliable, efficient & ergonomic. Our mission remains single-minded: to improve the family’s quality of life through the superior quality and efficiency of our home appliances.


Our Journey

History of Maya Appliances

  • 1978 - 1983

    The Beginning

  • The Beginning
    • MAL launched by an enthusiastic, dedicated and committed team in a small shed, producing 20 Mixer Grinders a day in Armenian Street, George town..
    • Sales in Chennai and parts of Tamil Nadu.
  • 1983 - 1993
  • MAL launches its very first Coffee Maker
    • Moved to a new larger Factory premises.
    • Aggressively grew Dealer network across Tamil Nadu & Kerala.
    • MAL expands its Mixer Grinder offering.
  • 1993 - 2003

    Production Growth

  • Strong Growth
    • Blistering growth in production. Expanded number of units and capacity.
    • New Product Categories, Innovations in design and domination in South India.
    • 2nd largest Mixer brand in India.
    • 22 Customer Care Centers, 350 Authorized Service Centers, 2600 Dealers.
    • Unfortunate fire accident in 1996 during Christmas and reopening of the new production facility.
    • In 2002 we revolutionized the Mixer Grinder category by introducing the Super Extractor and Grind & Store.
  • 2004 - 2011

    Service Center World Exporter

  • No.1 Mixie Manufacturer
    • No. 1 Mixer Grinder manufacturer and leading Kitchen Appliance brand in the Country.
    • Present in over 10 million Homes.
    • More than 14,000 Dealers, 400 Authorized Service Centers, 100 Customer Care Centers.
    • Exports to USA, Singapore, Middle East, Sri Lanka, Indonesia.
    • MAL opens new state-of-the-art production facility in Himachal Pradesh to increase production capacity.
    • In 2007 MAL was the first to introduce the High Power 750 Watts Motor with ISI Certification.
  • 2011 - 2012

    A New Beginning

  • A New Chapter in Maya Appliances
    • Successfully migrated the business under the name of Preethi to Royal Dutch Philips.
    • MAL launches the Vidiem brand.
  • 2013

    Launch of Jewel

  • Launch of Jewel
    • A Revolutionary Tabletop Grinder with its unique features and light weight-compact design.
    • First Tabletop Wet Grinder to have Stainless Steel Rollers, Polycarbonate Drum and Stainless-Steel Drum Base.
    • Vidiem Jewel is the First light weight Tabletop Wet Grinder with a Direct Drive Motor.
  • 2014

    Launch of Gas Cooktops

  • Launch of Frameless Gas Cooktops
    • Vidiem Launches the World’s First Frameless Gas Cooktop.
    • Air Series - Gas Cooktops.
  • 2015

    Launch of HOB

  • Launch of Frameless HOB
    • Vidiem launches the World’s First Frameless HOB.
  • 2016

    In-Built Storage

  • Launch of In-Built Storage Gas Cooktops
    • Vidiem launches Air Store and Air Spice, a first of its kind Gas Cooktop with in-built storage.
  • 2016

    ARIA Cool

  • Launch of ARIA Cool Tec Motor
    • Vidiem launches the Revolutionary ARIA Cool Tec Motor.
    • Air Pump System & Quadra Flow Technology
    Fully Enclosed Di Electric Motor Cover
    • 20% more power, 20% more torque, 40% more cooling and 10% less current consumption than conventional motors.
  • 2016

    Unique Innovations in MG

    • Vidiem launches a slew of useful innovations in the Mixer Grinder category.
    • Self Locking Jar
    • Splash Guard for Mixer Grinder
    • Self-Lubricating Bush
    • Tri-Mate Couplers
  • 2016

    Launch of MG

  • Launch of VTRON and Versa Mixer Grinders
    • 750 Watts Mixer
  • 2017

    VSTAR Mixer Grinder

  • Launch of VSTAR Mixer Grinder
    • Vidiem launches the highly successful VSTAR Mixer Grinder
  • 2017

    Direct Flow Gas Tube

  • Direct Flow Gas Tube
    • Eliminates ants & dust accumulation.
    • 4 mm thick Mixing Tubes improves efficiency of Gas Cook Tops.
  • 2018

    Commercial Models

  • Launch of Commercial Models
    • Vidiem launches its commercial range of products:
    • ROC – 1500-Watts professional Mixer Grinder.
    • Jumbo Mix Pro – 1000 Watts.
    • Jumbo Juice – 1000 Watts.
  • 2018

    EVA Series

  • Launch of EVA Models
    • Vidiem launches the Eva Series Mixer Grinders with vibrant colors.
  • 2019

    Brand Ambassador

  • Brand Ambassador
    • Chef Mr.Damu comes on board as Vidiem’ s Brand Ambassador.
  • 2020

    Launch Vidiem ADC

  • Vidiem launches its flagship model the "ADC - Your All-Day Companion"
    • The ADC significantly strengthens Vidiem’s product offering in the food processor space.
  • 2020

    New Launch

  • Launch of Vision and Super Blu
    • Vidiem launches the Vision 650 Watts and Super Blu 750 Watts Mixer Grinder.
  • 2020


  • New Launches IRIS ADC
    • Vidiem launches India’s first multi-purpose tabletop Wet Grinder and creates a new category in the kitchen appliances segment.
  • 2021

    Vidiem Launches Tusker “The Multitasker” another feather in the cap.

  • New Launches TUSKER
    • This flagship model stood the test to become “World’s First Adjustable Cutter”, with this offering Vidiem’s has further strengthened its position in the food processor category.

Our Team

Our Core
Team Members

Core Team

Unique Strength

What Sets Us

Maya’s continuous commitment to Quality and Innovation
We have an Open Innovation strategy where our vendors work as extended partners to the quality and innovation process. Each and every product bears the Maya hallmark of quality, reputed across the industry.
Strength in our market driven R & D processes
We are reinforcing our fundamental technologies, round the clock, with the sole intention of creating top-notch products to not just meet but exceed the customer needs. We listen closely to our consumers, take in feedback from dealers and distributors and work with academic and industrial partners on a global scale, to bring more innovations to the market effectively and swiftly.
Maya’s deep understanding of evolving consumer needs
We believe that every innovation should start with the understanding of the world around us. We are on a mission to improve the home-maker’s quality of life, through the superior quality and efficiency of her kitchen appliances. And, in order to do that, we make sure we find out about the dilemmas they face and how we can un-complicate their lives in the best way possible.
Our dealer and distribution network
A key ingredient in the success of Maya appliances has been a strong and reliable dealer network. It is one that has been built and committed to, for over a period of 35 years and is still growing. Maya Appliances is a name that is synonymous with trust and the same applies for Vidiem.
Setting standards in our marketing practices and policies
We pioneered several industry best practices to device market policies and concepts that are a notch above the current standards. Our reputation for consistency and fair market practices has endeared us to distributors and dealers and has contributed to the trust that we have enjoyed for several decades.
Strong after-sales service and support
Maya Appliances has a dedicated and in-house customer care network. It is our intention to ensure our product not just enters but stays in a home. We provide quality After-Sales service and support for every product delivered to our dealers to give our consumers the peace of mind they deserve with a Vidiem product.


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