VOGUE V1 3-Burner Gas Cooktop

About VOGUE V1 3-Burner Gas Cooktop

  • World’s First Removable Burner Assembly: Experience convenience with the World's First fully Removable Burner Assembly. Creates space for effective utilization, Easy to Clean and Guarantees 100% Safety
  • Convenient Low-Height Design: It makes Vessel handling easy and simple, and its versatility allows you to use it as either a Cooktop or a HOB to suit your Kitchen design requirements.
  • 10 MM Metal-Backed Toughened Glass: Enhanced Durability with 10 MM Metal-Backed Thermally Treated Toughened Glass, with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Even Heating and Faster Cooking: Specially designed Hexa Flame Brass Burners provide even heating and faster cooking.
  • Stable Cooking Space: Enjoy a stable cooking space with a Cast Iron Pan stand and wide burner spacing, accommodating larger vessels for the JOY of COOKING
  • World’s Most Efficient Hob: Experience exceptional cooking efficiency with our hob, achieving 70% Efficiency through its Venturi Flow design and an Oxy-Rich Mixing Tube
  • Ergonomically Designed Sturdy Metal Knobs: Ergonomically designed, heat-resistant metal knobs are for longer cooking durations, a feature unique to Indian cooking.
  • Burner Assembly with Heat-Resistant Paint: The heat-resistant painted burner assembly keeps the Cooktop/Hob looking brand new for years to come.
  • Life Time Warranty : Life Time Warranty on Glass & 5 year warranty on product
  • Quality Guaranteed since 1978 - Maya Appliances founded in 1978 manufactured & marketed Kitchen Appliances under the brand name Preethi. The Company successfully migrated the business in 2011 and began a new chapter with innovative Kitchen Appliances under the brand name Vidiem.

VOGUE V1 3-Burner Gas Cooktop₹ 18,990 ₹ 31,305


Vidiem VOGUE V1 3-Burner Gas Cooktop

World’s First Removable Burner Assembly

Introducing the world's first removable burner assembly! This innovative design makes cleaning your cooktop an easy task and allows you to create space for your cooking needs. Upgrade your kitchen experience today with the assurance of 100% Safety Guaranteed.

10 MM Metal-Backed Thermally Treated Toughened Glass

Vidiem, India's First brand to offer 10 MM Metal-Backed Toughened Glass, ensures superior Durability and Heat Resistance. It's backed by a reassuring Lifetime Warranty. Transform your cooking space with confidence and take your kitchen to the next level.

Convenient Low-Height Design

Experience the difference with Vogue Cooktop's convenient low height, allowing you to Comfortably Handle Vessels and see inside them while cooking; no more guessing, just cook with Precision.

HEXA FLAME Burners for Even Heating & Faster Cooking

The all-new HEXA Flame Forged Brass Burners offer equal heat Distribution, Ensuring your Dishes are cooked to perfection, and they do so Faster. HEXA Flame Burners, best suited for Indian Cooking, Elevate your Culinary skills, Empowering you to Cook Faster, Better, and with more Confidence.

Oxy-Rich Mixing Tubes Offer 70% Efficiency

With Oxy-Rich Mixing Tube and Venturi Flow Design, our Hob achieves an impressive 70% Efficiency, making it the World's most Efficient Hob. Experience exceptional Performance and remarkable Energy Efficiency, all in one.

Cast Iron Pan Supports for a Stable Cooking Surface

Sturdy cast iron pan supports offer stability and durability, ensuring that vessels and pans remain securely in place during cooking. Additionally, they are easy to maintain and clean

INDI Spill Tray

INDI spill Tray enables easy removal without having to remove the pan support or burners, making it more convenient.

Ergonomically Designed Sturdy Metal Knobs

Ergonomically designed and easy to use.


Vidiem VOGUE V1 3-Burner Gas Cooktop Specification

  • Warranty 5 Years Warranty on Product & Lifetime Warranty on Glass
  • Body / Frame Material Frameless
  • Top Surface Material 10 MM Metal-Backed Toughened Glass
  • Pan support Wide base 5 MM Thick Square Pan Supports
  • Gas Cock / Burner Material HEXA FLAME Forged Brass Burners
  • No. of Burners 3 - (Small-1, Medium-1, Jumbo-1)
  • Mixing Tube Material Oxy-Rich Mixing Tubes Offer 70% Effciency
  • Auto Ignition No
  • Removable Trip Tray Yes